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Pro-Venture has a network of high level performance coaches, including those drawn from the world of elite performance and high level competition.
Others are seasoned expedition canoeists / kayakers, who have gained their experience on the great mountain rivers of challenging destinations including; the Himalaya, the Canadian Rockies, the Grand Canyon and the European Alps.
These are the professionals we engage to assist you with improving your technique, isolating any problems that are holding you back and setting the targets required for your personal improvement.

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Improving ones personal performance is about target setting, commiting to practice and then realising a standard that may have seemed previously unobtainable.  Target set – Practice – Achieve – Set new goal – Repeat!
If you are reading this in the capacity of a potential customer, then you are already identifying with a personal desire to improve.
A skilled coach will work with you to identify both your strengths and weakness – improvement in sport can be far more complex than simply isolating a weakness, training it and falling in to an expectant mindset that improvement will follow automatically.

Good canoe coaching includes developing a reflective mindset in the student. The coach client relationship process is initiated by a telephone call or by questionairre prior to any arrangements being made.


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Performance Canoeing tailored to you!

Prior to booking we encourage a brief discussion by email or telephone to help determine the most appropriate venue for your session or day. Although delivery will share some common foundation skills, each session is centred on the aspirations of the client group taking into account weather conditions, water levels and any other previous experience.

Once you proceed with a booking, a meeting time and location will be agreed. We will send out any additional information by email including suggestions on suitable personal clothing.

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