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Before booking a course:

When planning to hire the services of any outdoor professional, we offer the following advice:

  • Always discuss or communicate your aims.
  • Early communication may help you decide or quantify what you aim to achieve from your course.
  • For example – is it a guiding / leading service?
  • Or – is it an instructional / coaching service that best fits with your ideas or requirements?

The two examples above are markedly different from a group wishing to use an adventure activity experience to improve working relationships in their team.

Communications help identify personal comfort levels when balanced against responsibility and risk. This information will also affect the level of expertise or personal attributes required by our instructional staff to deliver your day.

Final decisions regarding safety will be taken by staff on the ground.

Our Standards

The association logos displayed throughout the pages of this website serve to assure visitors of the exacting standards of our service. They represent membership of the highest professional bodies at both national (UK) and international levels. Click on the logos for their explanation and to view our safety and quality information. These standards are reflected in the service we provide and the values we stand for.