GDPR Statement

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GDPR Statement

Pro-Venture processes personal data to carry out its lawful day to day operation and business affairs. This statement outlines how that data is used. stored. transferred. who has access to it and why.

1) Pro-Venture will collect and process your data gained from booking forms. consent forms and planning forms in a lawful. transparent way to aide with course processing. On the booking form and consent form you will be asked to give consent to this data being processed. Your data will be handled in a way you would reasonably expect and will be used only for legitimate purposes in regard to your booking. Your data will not usually be passed to other organisations or agencies.

2) Pro-Venture will notify the customer if a third party becomes involved and inform you who that third party is. In this circumstance we will seek additional consent.

3) Your consent to data processing can be withdrawn at any time.

4) Data that is processed by Pro-Venture will only be processed for specified reasons and purposes. Data will not be processed in a way that is incompatible with any original purpose.

5) Data minimisations: Pro-Venture will only collect data that is adequate and relevant to what we need.

6) Pro-Venture take steps to ensure that data is kept accurate and that the source of any personal data is clear. considering whether it is necessary to update the information.

7) Pro-Venture will not store data any longer than is necessary. Data is usually stored on office computers. online databases and portable devices such as smart phones. tablets and in hard copy at our office – Data is stored for various lengths of time depending on the purpose of that data. Data may be archived or securely deleted. Some data will be required for longer and fall under UK tax law.

8) Data will be processed confidentially and securely protected against unauthorised or unlawful data processing. accidental loss. destruction. or damage. Pro-Venture has in place technical and organisational measures to protect and prevent personal data being compromised. These include a full GDPR policy and procedures.

9) Data breach: Pro-Venture will report any breach in data which exposes (or could expose) personal data. If there is a data breach it will be reported to the Data Protection Regulator within 72 hours. After which Pro-Venture will conduct an investigation into how the data can be recovered. prevent further loss of data. identify the risks arising from the breach and contact the appropriate parties in addition to the DPR.

10) Data Subject Rights: A subject/client may request to ascertain whether or not the company holds any of their personal data. whether or not it is being processed. and for what purpose.

11) Data Erasure: Clients have a right ‘to be forgotten’: This is subject to certain conditions such as data no longer being relevant for its original purpose. or when a person has withdrawn their consent.

12) The right to Rectification: An individual or organisation may seek to have personal data that is held by Pro-Venture corrected without undue delay – especially where the data concerned is out of date or inaccurate.

13) The right of restriction: This means that an individual or organisation can seek to restrict any personal data we hold.

14) The right to object to processing: You have the right to object to Pro-Venture processing data where certain conditions apply (legitimate interests). Individuals have the right to restrict Pro-Venture from using their data on certain media channels (Facebook. lnstagram. etc) or through direct marketing which includes profiling to the extent that a person may become identified.

15) Portability: Individuals can request the data they have already provided (in a machine readable format) be transferred to a third party. subject to conditions.

16) Complaints: Individuals and organisations have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Regulator.

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