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At this stage in canoeing development, the physical and environmental situations in which the activity takes place change.
Canoeists begin to move away from the security offered by the close proximity of a bankside and, the predictability of flat calm water.
As canoeists expand their experience, they must learn how to deal with the new challenges presented by the ever changing environmental conditions including; wind, choppy water, rapids, greater distance from safety and the ever changing hazards on rivers such as fallen trees and variable flow levels.

This course offers you the opportunity to build on your existing skillset and compliment it with new ones. Learning from experience, gaining confidence and achieving greater independence are aims of these sessions.

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Ideally you should have some previous canoeing experience to draw on, but this is not essential.

The primary aim of these days is to improve your boat handling ability and expand on your current experience base. Improving ability requires an aspect of skills coaching and moving into arenas which deliberately challenge and stretch comfort levels. These situations may be areas of expansive open water or sections of rapids on flowing rivers.

Our aim is to spend the maximum amount of time in practice or journeying on the water. Sessions and days out are person and group focussed. There will be some familiar themes including, boat set up, reading the water, canoe sailing, hazard awareness, journeying techniques and companion rescues.


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Intermediate Canoeing Skills & Canoe Journeys

Prior to booking we encourage a brief discussion by email or telephone to help determine the most appropriate venue for your session or day.

Although delivery will share some common foundation skills, each session is centered on the aspirations of the client group taking into account weather conditions, water levels and any other previous experience.

Once you proceed with a booking, a meeting time and location will be agreed. Pro Venture will send out any additional information by email including suggestions on appropriate clothing, packed lunch and any other essentials .


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