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Pro-Venture is the ideal partner to share your first canoeing experience with.
By use of skilful coaching techniques our instructors and leaders will carefully build up your confidence in the relative safety of the shoreline / bankside areas, before venturing into any expansive areas of water or flowing rivers. All of our canoeing activities are person focussed or centred on the dynamic of the group.

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Experience Canoeing

A beginner course can be one or two days. It will take place on sheltered inland water. By initially remaining close to the bankside or shoreline we can comfortably coach you the basic manoeuvres and handling skills necessary to progress into open expanses of water or gently flowing rivers.

Improver Canoeing

If you’ve already acquired a fair grasp of the basic canoeing skills and you’d like to expand on your present experience base….
Here are our suggestions for your progression.
Canoe sailing: By harnessing the wind’s power with a small sail, you’ll be whipping along those big open expanses of water in rapid time. Beats the physical effort of paddling any day!
Try a river journey under the watchful guidance of a qualified instructor.
We’ll arrange transport for a pick up down stream, collect the boats at the journeys end and deliver you back to your vehicle.

The key to great coaching and instruction is to give out just the right amount of information at the correct moment. This approach makes certain that you’ll embed key skills and get the most from the experience .
The primary aims at this level are to create a fun learning environment, impart some new skills, broaden your competence level and enthuse you about more canoeing.





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Beginner & Improver Canoeing

Prior to booking we encourage a brief discussion by email or telephone to help determine the most appropriate venue for your session or day. Although delivery will share some common foundation skills, each session is centred on the aspirations of the client group taking into account weather conditions, water levels and any other previous experience.

Once you proceed with a booking, a meeting time and location will be agreed. We will send out any additional information by email including suggestions on suitable personal clothing.

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