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Rock Skills
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Rock Skills:
Mountain Training Rock Skills courses provide a progressive introduction to the basic skills and techniques of rock climbing, which will help you stay safe, enjoy climbing to the full and provide the foundations required for participation and development of your own rock climbing activities. Your Rock Skills tutor will introduce you to the key technical skills in a progressive and well-structured format and provide you with safely managed opportunities to try them out at the crag.

Course Information

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Is It For Me?

People climb outdoors for many reasons and a significant motivating factor is the sense of freedom that you gain from exploring crags and routes that are new to you. Discovering new places and challenging yourself adds to the whole experience and within the UK and Ireland there are many rock types and crags to explore and enjoy with likeminded people.

The Rock Skills scheme has been developed by Mountain Training and is nationally accredited in the UK and Ireland. The courses are widely available and are delivered by approved course providers and tutors, who are all experienced and appropriately qualified.

Rock Skills Courses are
1) Introduction to Climbing.

2) Intermediate Rock Skills
3) Learn to Lead on traditionally protected routes 
4) Learn to Lead on Sport Climbs 





1-2 Days



Course Information

Introduction to Climbing

Core technical skills, fundamental movement skills , ethics and impact of climbing on the crag environment.

Minimum age: 12
Duration: 1 Day

Intermediate Skills

Injury avoidance, risk management, building anchors, equipment knowledge, holding falls, lowering equipment knowledge.

Minimum age: 13
Duration: 2 Days

Learning to Lead – Sport

Planning your day, movement techniques and tactics, technical equipment for sport climbing,  Environmental knowledge,  Hazards and emergency procedures.

Minimum age: 14
Duration: 2 Days

Learning to Lead Trad

Background and Planning, Lead climbing skills, Equipment, Technical Skills, Environmental Knowledge, Hazards and  emergency procedures.

Minimum age: 14
Duration: 2 Days

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