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Sport climbing and Traditional lead climbing courses - are both taught on single pitch crags / cliffs.
Our approach to accomplishing the best outcome for our clients is very carefully considered. The progressive coaching formula we use has evolved over many years of delivering safe and technical outdoor training.
Whether sport climbing on fixed protection is your goal or 'Trad' climbing with hand placed gear, the safety management processes we use will give you the capacity to make sound judgement calls and embark confidently on a safe independent climbing pathway.

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If you have climbed indoors or seconded routes outside before and you would like to expand your involvement in the sport, outdoors on natural rock then learning how to lead climb is the next progression forward.

Participants on these courses must accept that there is an increased element of risk.
Participants must accept that they may not always be protected by a safety rope from above during this course.


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2 Days



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We will familiarise you with the equipment, making sure your take the time to ingrain new techniques, coach you in the processes of managing risks, optimising rests, and introduce the tactics both physical and mental fitness.

The course will drill down into dynamic belaying, choosing safe anchors, building belays, choosing appropriate belay devices, equipment choice and maintenance, rope techniques, crag etiquette and conservation.

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