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Pro Venture has a network of qualified and high performing climbing coaches that are available to help you with your movement technique, your motivation, your physical strength and your overall conditioning.

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Whether indoors or outdoors our coaching team will work with you, to identify and target the areas of your climbing performance that could be holding you back from achieving a standard that seemed unobtainable but is well within your capability with a little bit of ‘Know how’ and some guided self-belief.

These sessions investigate body movement and personal mindset.
Many climbers may have an inaccurate impression of the way they climb, for these reasons we use video and other tools to show you what has contributed to any (perceived) failures. From a position of knowing we can isolate a problem and begin ‘working the weakness’

Our Coaching team will work out a training plan of things you will need to fit into your life in order to improve your overall or specific climbing goals. One off coaching sessions will not deliver that magic ‘Silver Bullet’. If you are serious about improving your climbing performance then a diagnostic meeting with a member of coaching staff will be a first positive step to achieving the outcome you desire.


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3hrs - 1 Day - Ongoing



Course Information

Course Information

Coaching Sessions are arranged on ‘Respond to Request’ basis.
Dialogue with our coaching staff will commence after a booking is firm.
A questionnaire or a telephone call will usually precede any face to face meeting.

Typically coaching sessions start on really easy ground in order to establish how climbers might choose to climb when given the choice. The approach from here is to see how the body falls into familiar but unnecessary positions and by doing so wasting precious energy.

A stronger mental approach to lead climbing can also be taught using the principles of Observe, Accept, Focus, Intend and Commit.  A cool head and a calm heart saves a lot wasted energy and makes the holds seem larger.

Duration: 3 hour private sessions – 1 day/7 hour private sessions
Available year round indoors – March to October outdoors

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