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Kalymnos in Greece, has become one of the most important rock climbing destinations on the planet. It is an international meeting point for climbers from all over the world, who visit not only to climb the exquisite rock found in all sectors but for relaxing in peaceful and tranquil surroundings.
Check out the beauty of Kalymnos and the quality of Greek climbing guides we engage in the video below. Lucus Dourdourekas was a national competitor and the first person in Greece to achieve an 8c grade.

Course Information

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Is It For Me?

We work with a local climbing and guiding company on the Island, our partners there will arrange comfortable accommodation with breakfast.

Ratios are kept at 1:2 or 1:3 – all grades are catered for and all equipment is provided by our Kalymnian partners.
Guests will be expected to make their own way to Kalymnos via Kos or Rhodes and onwards by a short taxi ride to Masouri.

Some indoor climbing experience will enable you to get the best out the week. Learn how to move efficiently and smoothly in the most idyllic climbing classroom in the whole of Europe.

learn how to lead climb with minimum stress on world class quality sports climbs.
We’ll coach you through the processes of outdoor sports climbing, from choosing the correct crags, identifying the right climbs, acquiring new technical skills, coaching in tactical know how to develop a strong psychological mindset for leading.

Improve your performance, re-examine your mental approach,  re wire your vertical mind and step over the threshold of a grade that was previously holding you back.
This will be achieved under the guidance of elite national athletes. Please see our bio below


Sept, Oct 2020


1 Week


Kalymnos, Greece

Course Information

Rock Climbing Paradise

The routes on Kalymnos are mainly of superb quality, well bolted and cover every conceivable grade. The holiday we organise here is based around 5 days of 3 – 4 hours supervised rock climbing, using local instructors and coaches, some of whom hold the British Rock Climbing Instructor qualification. The rest of the time you can kick back and enjoy the ambience of the island with it’s many restaurants, health spas, café’s and arguably the best gelato in the Mediterranean.

Once you’ve had a visit to the island you’ll understand why so many British climbers go back year after year to soak up the energy.

Guide Profile

Name:  Lucas Dourdourekas
Location: Kalymnos , GREECE.

I started climbing 22 years ago at the age of 15 in my hometown Levadia in central Greece. In my first years of my climbing I spent time on traditional climbing and mountaineering and at the age of 18, I climb some of the major Greek mountains including Olympus and Parnassos. I also climbed in Europe on Mont Blanc in the Alps, After this I focused more on competitions at the National Cup and I won my first trophy at the age of 20 and became a member of the National team of Greece, representing my country in the World Cup.

I have climbed in a lot of different countries including Thailand, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and the UK… before to visit my destination…

Since 2005 I’ve lived in Kalymnos, one of the best destinations for sport climbing in the world, with my wife and my two kids. I work as a guide and trainer and I’m also the owner of a bouldering gym in Kalymnos trying to bring more local people on the rocks.

From 2005 until 2008 I climbed almost all the difficult routes on the island up 8b, and at the end of 2008 I climbed my first route graded 8c (Los Kukos).

Over the few next years I tried to climb us much us I could because my two kids come on this world.

I started seriously climbing and training again in 2013 and a few years later in 2015 I climbed my first 8c+ and it was the first confirmed 8c+ that was climbed by a Greek climber!

Sport Climbing Routes

Inshallah 8c+
Los kukos 8c
O draconian devil’s 8b+
Gaia 8b
Racomelo 8b
Randez with platon 8b


Souvenir 8a+
Komilator 8a
Arete with pocket 8a
Fat boy 7c+
Birds 7c


Guided climbing: for existing climbers who need someone to feel safe with and to set their top ropes.
Price: €70 per day

Begginers courses: for those who have never climbed before or climbed only indoors and want to learn about safe sport climbing.
Price: €70 per day

Training course: for climbers that want to reach the next level and learn how to train for it (including indoor gym)
Price: €80 per day

Prices correct in 2019

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