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The Hill and Mountain Skills courses offer a clear progression route. The main difference being that the Mountain course is run in the high mountain areas of the UK. As such there is a requirement that you have some experience of hill walking prior to attending the course and also have a reasonable level of fitness. An example of reasonable fitness might be someone who actively participates in sporting activities on a regular basis such as jogging or cycling. If you are unsure about your fitness or experience then speak to us, and if in doubt over which course to attend, the Hill Skills course may be a more appropriate choice.
The Hill skills operates in moorland areas and is a great starting out point.

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Is It For Me?

Hill Skills
The Hill Skills course is your key to getting started in countryside walking. No previous hill walking experience is required to attend a Hill Skills course because the content of the course is aimed at beginners. If you do have some experience of hill walking but aren’t confident about planning walks, navigating and understanding the equipment required, then the Hill Skills course is an ideal way to learn.

Mountain Skills
The Mountain Skills course is an ideal choice for walkers interested in transferring their walking skills to steep, remote or more mountainous terrain. Ideally, participants will have some basic hill walking experience and have a reasonable level of fitness. Courses are run in the higher mountain areas of the UK and Ireland.


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