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Foundation Cavers Course

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The Foundation Caving Course is a two day practical caving course. It can be arranged for a minimum of 2 people either based in Derbyshire or the Yorkshire Dales
The course will cover a range of caving topics including; equipment for cavers, cave geology, weather and its impact on caves (flood risks). Where to go, how to choose an appropriate cave for your experience, essential rope work skills, cave maps and surveys. How to recognize and avoid hazards, procedures for underground emergency - and the next steps in your progression as a caver.

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Is It For Me?

If you’ve tried caving before or wondered about giving it a try – or even pursuing it as a recreational hobby?
Maybe you are drawn to the physical challenge or the camaraderie of the sport, but need a solid (professional) steer before joining a club?

The 2 days with us will maximise the time spent underground with practical tips on personal equipment, you’ll learn how to operate as part of a team, safeguard sections of steep cave passage with ropes, learn key knots and how to risk assess a wide variety of passageways.

You will become involved in decisions about ground conditions and how the weather conditions impact on the caves we use.
At the end of the process you will have enjoyed at least 2 significant caving experiences, understand how caves form and develop, be competent at tying the knots most frequently used by cavers. You’ll be capable of safeguarding a team of cavers in appropriate terrain and know the next steps in your caving journey.

These courses are tailored to meet your needs – they are person focussed, which means they target the skills that you need to know.

The foundation caving course will definitely enrich your knowledge, build up your skill base and gain you the confidence to become part of an active team or club.


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2 Days



Course Information

Foundation Course for Cavers

The course aims to bridge the gap between an interest and the pathway to independent exploration or joining a club of like-minded individuals.

These courses are delivered by highly experienced cave leaders and instructors. All equipment is provided, all course content is modern and current practice.

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